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    I've already posted a few threads but I figured I should introduce myself! I am a newbie groomer from Florida. I attended grooming school a few years back, and am just now getting into the field due to my inability to previously find someone who would be able to work with me. I am currently apprenticing to regain skill and speed, and I love every minute of it!

    Unfortunately I do not feel I have a natural eye, so I would love to hear from others if they have started off feeling this way as well!

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    I would make an important investment in DVDs or streaming or both. Jodi Murphy has a fab collection and used to take payments, and streaming is about $30 a month They are AWESOME, and there are some free ones maybe at, ask them about it. Best thing you will ever do in your state and you can do it now, not looking for apprentice. Hope the links help I believe I got them right.