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  • Hello from Florida!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to grooming, currently learning and getting my practice and time in on family and friends furkids.. I also am bathing at the local animal shelter for more experience and to help those poor pups have a better chance at a happy and loving furever home. I am also in the process of opening my own small shop, just working out lease details right now. Something did come about as I am going through this process, I did have a question or two on.. maybe someone here can assist...across the way from where I am opening my shop a larger dog boarding franchise is opening.. (1-2 years).. the owner of the building I am leasing, owns their location also... well apparently they want to meet me and discuss subbing out to me their grooming.. (they offer spa services along with boarding).. I will be meeting with them next week to hear what they have to say. I have mixed feelings about this, but I think over all this can be a positive thing. Just not sure of what questions to ask, and what to look out for... any suggestions? Thank you!

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    That's a long time for a negotiation. So, you have time to have them put in a proposal in writing. That proposal that needs to go to a lawyer immediately. Any agreement to make with somebody that's opening up a larger business then yours and is looking to farm out business to you they also have a lot more lawyers at their disposal. Protect yourself and your business first.


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      Thank you, and true that is a long time.. I'm hoping to be open in a couple months, depending on build out , so enough time to build my customer base, before they even start their build out... Yes, I need to get everything in writing and not commit until my lawyer reviews. It can be a win-win, that is all I can hope for. I am not sure why they want to meet now.... maybe the owner wants us both to stay and wants us to work something out..?? We'll see.
      First and foremost.. keeping me and my business in mind.
      Thanks again HoneyandChewiespal.