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  • Newish in Saskatchewan

    Hi everyone! I just joined in December and I'm already hooked. I grew up in a dog-rich environment. My aunt bred GSDs and in her heydey had about 12 of them; visits to her place were heaven! I spent alot of time at shows, started junior handling , and saved all my money I made working at a boarding kennel to buy my own dogs. I started working as a groomer in 1988. There were times that I had to take other work unrelated to grooming to pay the bills, but grooming's always been my passion and I kept going back to it. Now I have my own grooming business and I LOVE it. I really like being part of this online community; everyone is so encouraging and supportive, it's a great place to keep learning. it's awesome to read these posts and be able to relate to so much of the stuff other groomers write about.

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    Hi welcome. It does not take long to get hooked here.
    "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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      I agree!

      I love it here too! This forum is such a great place to learn a lot of practical information from the grooming community!


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 are only a little behind me in posts. I'm not trying to win anything,I just can't stop... Got movies to see I rented..gotta lay off tomorrow.