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  • Hello Fellow Dog Lovers

    At 42 I discovered an unknown affection for dogs, big Dogs, little dogs, all dogs!!! A wonderful special woman in my life exposed me to this world, and frankly my perspective on life has really been affected. This is truely a labor of love, grooming, bathing, the whole package. She had a 17 year old collie sheppard mix and over a 2 year period his health declined and we had to have him put down. She emotionally could not go in with the vet, reluctantly I did, and my heart about exploded. This loving old dog laying on a warm blanket gently closed his eyes and sank in to my arms...It was as moving a moment as i have ever experienced. We went on to be blessed with three dogs today, they are spoiled, they are loved and they are happy. But in the end I know that we are the ones who have been blessed, each day when they kiss and hug us...seeing the world thru their eyes, playing ball watching them play, it has been extremly rewarding and emotionally uplifting. In my life their have been many disappointments, with people, situations and poor choices. I have found peace with our dogs, I have renewed energy from our three little babies. Our decision to open a grooming shop seemed like a natural for me. We have grown, she is the talent and i the Groomer trainee or as i like to say Amys JR Groomer. Bathing dogs clipping their nails and assisting her for the past 10 months has been the most rewarding position I have ever had. Go figure I get to work with dogs, we get paid and I am able to work with the woman i love daily! God has blessed me. I share in each and all of your passions for dogs and wanted to say Hello!!

    Buzzy The Bear

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    How wonderful!

    Wow! What a nice story! You may have had to travel up hill, but it looks like the view is pretty nice at the top! Congratulations!


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      Do you have a twin brother? just kidding, Great INtro! Welcome


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        Awesome introduction... welcome to the forum!


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          Wow, What a great story, Congrats and welcome to the boards
          "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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            Welcome Amy.