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Ok...this is better....Im NEW...can you tell?

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  • Ok...this is better....Im NEW...can you tell?

    Hi! I am new to this forum & I have lots of questions, but will browse first. I have been grooming as sort of an apprentice in a local shop in the small town I live in for the last 16 months. I have a clientele of about 150+ furkids and really LOVE my job. The lady I work with has just informed me that she no longer wishes my company, so I have to figure out what to do by the end of this month, so I am going to do my best to get my own home ready for grooming. I would be interested in some input as to whether I can temporarily use my own home and bathing facilities, or if that is how its really "done". I have dogs ranging from 2 pound Chihuahuas to 125 pound Akitas. I will of course put a tub in my new "shop" area soon, but need to get it together in order to do that. My partner has me so nervous since she pretty much made the rules and tells me people dont like it if she does things differently...I dont see how thats possible, but thats her opinion. Ill be browsing and looking for help and answers, sorry if this got rather
    Nice to meet you all!!!!!!!
    Wee Darlins'

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    Welcome to the board. There is a lot of info on this board about home based shops, I have one.
    I started out bathing a few dogs in my bathroom tub, a few in the kitchen sink and finally got a utility tub in my basement and already had a shower stall in the basement that I used for the bigger dogs. I now have a tub in the garage where my shop is located. I started very small, with very little equipment. At first (about 2 months) I could only groom small dogs that my own hairdryer could dry. It wasn't very long when my Oster stand dryer came and that made it a lot easier. A few more months later I got a double K HV, a small one. I already had my clippers, blades, combs, brushes.
    I'm just saying it can be done. Before you do anything check with your city to make sure it is allowed in your area. See what you have to do to pass any regulations to put in a home base grooming shop.
    Hope this helped you some. The best thing to do is read this board and the old board, and you'll have all the info (and more) than you'll need.
    One thing to think about, the 150 clients that you have, are they yours or are they the shops where you work?
    Good luck.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      Thanks for the input Pixie

      Heres the sitch:
      This lady asked me to come and apprentice in her shop. She searched me out and knew me because she has been grooming my dog for 3 yrs. She told me she would train me and I could have all the new customers that called in because she couldnt handle them. She told me she didnt want me to pay her at all, just keep her company and help her with chores and learn.
      A few times this year I hinted that I really want to have my own shop, but she begged and pleaded with me to stay. I have customers that ask for me only. I even have some that have requested that I be the only one to do their dogs even tho they started out as her clients and she gave them to me. Not many...but a few. She has been very day shes all Mary Sunshine and the next she doesnt speak at all. Not even to her own customers! I have just rolled with the punches, because I know her personal experiences at home, mom is living with them and she has lots of stress.
      Well, recently her husband found out she wasnt charging me (her idea remember) and pitched a fit. Then she told me she wanted me to pay her 300.00 a month in order to stay there (about half my monthy pay)! She also told me that she no longer wanted me to TALK to HER customers. She is hard of hearing and has stood with her back to her customers and ignored them more times than I can count, so I greet them and poke her so she wakes up.
      They are ALWAYS pleasant to me. I have NEVER tried to intervene on her grooming their dogs or put my two cents in on anything except that I just love their dogs and what a good kid they were...that kind of thing.
      Friday, after a week of the normal chit chat, plans for the shop..etc. She totally ignored me. No good NOTHING...ALL DAY LONG. I got home about 5 and at 7 she emailed me and told me she wanted her shop back and I have until June 30th to get out. There has NEVER been an explanation...I have treated her with respect, sometimes helping the shop out by buying shampoo, fixing the broken dryer by replacing the motor, cleaning the shop top to bottom by myself on my day off, just trying to generally show my appreciation and help out.
      SOOO...her shop is a private home shop as well on her rented property, so I know Ill be fine with zoning and such. I do plan to contact the city of course, but I think everything is fine. I am just fuming because of the underhanded way she is dealing with this...Im really strapped this month..we are headed to the feed store to purchase a rubber water trough for a tub, since I have several large dogs and need the support. Hubby is at least handy with a hammer, but this really puts me in a bind. I book 6 months in advance and am constantly busy. Whew..sorry this is a rather long epistle, but Im
      Happy Sunday,
      Wee Darlins'


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        Few Bricks Shy of a Load

        Sounds like to me the lady is a few bricks shy of a full load! Just be thankful you have something to take away from the situation, Clients!, and of course knowledge! I bet that some of her clients might seek you out just because of the conversation! I'm sorry but that would be like me getting my hair cut without the gossip, it just wouldn't be complete! Best of luck in your new endevor!