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    I have been a registered Vet Tech for 9 1/2 years, and recently decided to move over into the grooming field. I love my job, but want something more independant and flexible (and mine!). I want to get a Wag'n Tails van and be mobile. Like everyone else, I don't have a lot of money. Got lots of info on grants, ordered my Grooming Business in a Box, signed up for at home schooling, and got some tools already. What I really need help with is any input on where to get funding! i.e. Grants, small business loans. The Grant program & book I have is kinda hard to understand!

    Anyways, a little more about me. 39 & married 5yrs w/ 4 kids: nb, 2, 4, and 18. Last 9 1/2yrs as a Reg. Vet Tech in Central CA. Will be moving to Burnet, TX by the end of the year. Would be nice to have my van to start right in when I get there. SOOO glad I found this sight! IT HAS BEEN EXTREMELY HELPFULL!

    Hello to All !!!!

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    I don't know much about mobile but I would think it would be easier to get financing if you are already trained in grooming before you try to get a van. That's a big expense if you find you don't like grooming after you've already made such a big purchase. Bankers like to know that they've made a good investment and they'll want proof that you can support it.


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      Howdy! and welcome aboard. I am an RVT also, graduated from Purdue University. I worked in that capacity for 12 yrs. I switched over to grooming when I needed to find something I could do from home so I could home-school my children. I have 2 girls.

      I now have an in-home grooming biz. I have been open 5 yrs. and am busy enough that I no longer accept new clients unless I really want to.

      Can't help you with your question though. I took our tax check one year and started with that. But I'm sure the van start up in more than I needed. Good Luck in your venture, those vans are beautiful.
      Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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        I have a Wagntails I bought this year for 1% financing because it was a 2006 model so it was cheaper for me to buy new rather than used at 8.5%.If your not already trained as a groomer I'd go to scool fist it's harder than it looks.I've been grooming 16 yrs and I'm still learning all the time.I know Aussie mobile hires experinced and student groomers.I'd try to ride with a mobiler fist to see if your really like it it's alot diffrent than salon but I love being my own boss


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          Thanks for all the input!


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            I have a wagntails elite in Central Ca. I don't know exactly where you are located. I live in Tulare and you can give me a call if you like to see if you really like the mobile thing. I love it and has been extremely sucessful. Let me know more than willing to help and see if it's the route you want to take. Let me know.


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              I have been grooming for five years+ now and have always worked for someone else. I have recently decided to go out on my own. I want to have a little salon, but like you, I find it financially daunting. My plan, which is in action, is to do grooming from home until I can build up my clientel and be able to validate the expence of having a premise. I have been grooming from home for 3 months now part time and have about 30 clients, half of which have become repeat visitors! I have a part time job as well to help pay the bills and contribute to the savings for my salon-to-be! I hope you may find something helpful in this! Good luck and best wishes!


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                More Help Please!

                Originally posted by Poodle Mom View Post
                I have a wagntails elite in Central Ca. I don't know exactly where you are located. I live in Tulare and you can give me a call if you like to see if you really like the mobile thing. I love it and has been extremely sucessful. Let me know more than willing to help and see if it's the route you want to take. Let me know.

                Thank you so much for the offer! I would love to see it, but I live a bit away from you. I live in a small dairy area in Gustine. That's why mobile seems to be such a good idea for this area. We are surrounded by towns that are currently being highly developed with housing. The type of people moving into them are commuters traveling to the bay area. It would be perfect for both of us if I could to go to their homes while they're gone, instead of them worrying about pickup/ drop-off times. I'm glad to hear that you don't regret getting it! Because I really want one!! Is there anything that you dislike, or would change about your van?

                Thank you also to "BLUPIIGLET". I am slowly purchasing items to be able to just start small out of my home, and think I will offer a taxi service. I've been doing light grooming at work for years, and know that I can do better than a lot of the groom jobs I see done around here! Would like some advise on what brand of shampoo seems to work best for everyone? The only products that I have ever used are veterinary recommended brands.


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                  I know you would like to go mobile, and mobile is a good idea, but thought I'd throw the idea of HOME grooming your way. Like mobile, you will own your own business and therefore you don't have to be paid on commission. Like mobile you can limit the number of dogs you'd like to groom. Like mobile you can do it at YOUR convenience, etc. UNLIKE mobile you can be HOME with your children and not have to find a sitter! That is one major benefit of home grooming. You can save on having to get sitters/daycare, etc., and you wont have to make your 18 year old watch them either (ha).

                  Just something to consider. You can groom at your convenience. Of course you can't charge as much as mobiles do (well, you can, but it might be hard to get clients, lol), but the benefit is you have no loan to pay other than the mortgage on your house. You can groom in your garage or other area of your house. There are a lot of groomers that do this, and they're very happy. There are +/- for every way of grooming, so get the info. you need and keep us posted!

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    I think my 18 yr old would appreciate the home biz, now that you mention it! (lol !) I think I am going to start in the garage. It will probably be a while before I can afford to get a van. Although, it might be justs as long for me to get around to cleaning the garage!! (LOL!!!)


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                      Be sure to check with your local municipality to see if you can be licensed to operate a business out of your garage.