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lots of experience, looking forward to sharing

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  • lots of experience, looking forward to sharing

    I've been grooming dogs for most of my adult life. I purchased my first established shop when i was 22. I've groomed dogs in 8 states, and am currently running a shop in Portland, Oregon.
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    Thats a neat concept. Do you groom your clients dogs at the self serve wash to?

    Nice to meet ya!


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      Good on ya!

      That is great what u r doing. I just opened a pet store and put in a grooming room. I am in Victoria B.C. Now just to find a groomer.LOL.......Not Easy.Delivering is a great idea. I want to get the home video on self taught grooming. I groomed a long haired rabbit(that came in on rescue full of mats) yes I definately need more experience,but i didn't do bad and he feels much better. Good Luck .....I am new on here just to let u know I love the site.


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        Agreed! That is cool!


        I look forward to hearing all about you & your business ventures- past & present.



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          It sounds like you are going to be a great help!

          You sound like you are definately willing to help anyone and you know your stuff. fairly new to only been grooming for 1 year but i have gathered lots of info and know alot (been showing dogs for 3 years with lots of grooming experience from that to!) so 3 years showing and grooming show dog and 1 year grooming other dogs.


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            Welcome to the board. Looking forward to hearing more posts from you.
            Great way you have for earning money! Sounds very interesting, hope it goes well for you.
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            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              We look forward to learning from you!


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                Originally posted by grooming goddess View Post
                I've been grooming dogs for most of my adult life. I purchased my first established shop when i was 22. I've groomed dogs in 8 states, and am currently running my forth establishment, if you want to call it that. I've decided to try something new. I pick a very elite clientele, charge a small fortune, pick up and deliver, rent space at a local self serve facility (that i pay for by the dog, not time spent). the dogs are happy, the people are thrilled, and i get to be creative, work at my pace, and make more money than when I owned a large volume shop. looking forward to helping out anyone doing right by the dogs

                I'm totally new to this site. This is my first message. I'm 54 years old and looking for a career change. I've enrolled in a 12-week grooming school and will start my training in April. Before my training is finished, I hope to decide whether I should start out by working for someone else, set up a shop in my home, or buy a brand-spankin-new mobile grooming van. My husband and I toured Wag'n Tails this week and I was really impressed with what I saw. Am I too old? Should I start out on my own (I would really love to) or work for someone else for awhile?


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                  Hi and welcome! You're never too old!!!
                  My life is lived in the company of dogs


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                    Thank You

                    cant wait to get some good advice and encouragement. New grooming student in CT preparing for a mid life career change and could use some help