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Identifying Your Employer

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  • Identifying Your Employer

    Some threads are not making it through moderation and I hate to see you spend time writing one to have it deleted. You cannot identify your employer, and saying you work for a "petsomething" is still identifying your employer. Everyone knows it is 99% chance it is either PETCO or PetSmart, that's too close to identifying your employer.

    Describe the situation and issues without any identification of the employer, that's fine in most cases. Readers shouldn't know if it is a local little shop, a local pet salon or a Petsomething. Then you are not identifying your employer.

    I notice that those working for chains almost always want to get as close as possible to identifying their employer just under our policies, and all I can say is we don't need the trouble and risk, and this isn't a place to vent about working conditions for any business. You can do that amongst friends and family but not on a public board here. While yours may be accurate, we've had so many trumped up stories about employers, small and large, we are not investigators. It's counter productive to the goal of this board.

    Messages that do, or even come close, to identifying your employer will be deleted.
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