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    Guess I should introduce myself, I'm northern CA (near SF). Looking at starting up a mobile business. Had one briefly in another state, but had to move here and never really put any effort into starting my business before but I'm ready to now. I was going back and forth between wanting to do it and not. Part of it is that I hate my van...I bought it used and it's a lemon...well the conversion part anyway. Just junky, not well maintained (bought it without seeing it in person...I highly recommend you don't do that!). Anyway, eventually I'd like to either revamp the whole thing or sell and buy new. I'm going to give this one last shot...hope I can get enough business. I know there are many mobiles in my area. One day I hope to open a shop up out of my home (in a separate building)...that's my goal.


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    Hi Carrie and welcome! Glad you are going to give it another go. You'll find lots of support and encouragement here! That's a bummer about your van. I know it's not an option or the best choice for everybody, but I am very glad that I bought new. Good luck to you!


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      Hello and welcome! I'm sorry to hear about your van. Good luck on your new business! I can tell you from experience that people here have a lot of great advice to offer!
      Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones