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  • hi

    hello,i am from the uk been grooming for about 15 years,although i only do two days a week now as i have a 2 yr old daughter.i have been a lurker for quite some time and i am looking for info/pics of pekes in a lion trim as one of my boys is getting old now and im considering giving him a lower maintenence cut.if anyone could help i would be extremly grateful thanks.

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    wecome to the board

    i just wanted to say hi....i think you may have scared everyone saying you were a lurker!!lol jk....... laura from florida


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      oh dear

      not to worry ,unfortunatly my boy got into a fight and has lost an eye so a new hair cut is the last thing on my mind.but very much for your reply.


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        Oh no! I hope he's recovering well. That's so sad.
        No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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          he is doing great thanks,pekes are very corageous ,in fact he was braver than me when it happened. having stitches out tommorrow


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            Welcome to the board.

            Glad your fur baby is doing so well. I groom a little Shih that only has one eye and she does just great.

            Sorry, can't help with the pic through.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              thanks pixie,i actually used to have another peke who lost an eye due to an ulcer,and they say lightening doesnt strike twice hey ! i have a couple of clients minus an eye and even a tiny toy poodle who has none!very sad to see but she copes just fine and she is ancient.thanks again for the welcome im going to post on the styling thread re the lion trim and hope someone will be able to help.