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    Hi everyone,

    I have been in the Air Force for 18 1/2 years and can't wait for a change. I will be opening up a grooming department in the family owned Boarding kennel after I retire. I plan on going to a nearby grooming school taking a 600 hour course and learn from our current groomer while in the course. My wife works at a local boarding kennel here in San Diego. Both of us have Vet Assistant certificates and my wife is taking a Pet Trainer course. My Mother-in-Law wants me to become the manager of the kennel and run the grooming department. I am looking forward to being a civilian and not have to iron uniforms. I have learned quite a bit on including finding GroomerTalk. I look forward to learning all I can from all of you.

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    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! Although take it from me most groomers were a uniform everyday also, no ironing involved. I love it, but it is equally as physically challenging as much Military work. We all look forward to hearing from you. You would probably have the best results attending nash or a like academy. If not I would work somewhere, or maybe even volunteer in exchange for training on the weekend.


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      Welcome. You will do just fine. You have a good backround to handle dogs. Good luck
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        Retirement is Great!

        I retired a year ago from law enforcement and trust me it is fantastic. I also went into dog grooming. I don't know about the military but there are other uniform wearing retirees that post on this site.

        It is good to put away the iron and the creases and put on the jeans, tee shirt and grooming smock with little paw prints, ha.

        Congratulations on your past career and your service to the country and congrats on your new venture. Life is pretty exciting isn't it!!! Change and transition make it interesting. Good Luck and many blessings!


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          Thanks for the replies

          I have been a cop in the Air Force my whole career where our uniform has to be the example for everyone else to follow. I am looking forward to not having to polish my boots everyday.
          The courses that we went through are for the customers peace of mind. I kind of left that out in my intro. I nor my wife will provide medical advice. That is a no no.


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            Congrats on your retirement for the military. Good luck to you on your new venture. Grooming is a lot of hard work, but I'm sure you know that.

            My uniform for grooming is jeans, t-shirt and a smock, great uniform, no ironing needed.

            Looking forward to hearing lots from you and your wife as you learn the ends and out of grooming.

            Reading your post you said you and your wife both have Vet Assistant Certificates and my mind is wondering what good is a Vet certificate good for, thinking it had to do with "Veterans"!!! LOL My hubby was in the military and my mind was on that part of the post. Now I understand what you were saying. Sometimes it just goes right over my head, problem with being short! LOL
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              Your are not far off as you might think


              Both of us met while she was in the military. My wife was a chef until she got hit by a fire truck and was medically separated from the military in 2003. She is doing better now but still has some pains. That is why I am here for her. Both of us have experience in customer service that we gained while in the military which will come in handy. Thanks for your response and I am looking forward to learning all I can from you.


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                Yep there are other former military uniform wearing bubba's on this site


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                  Congrats on retiring, but you didn't say when this would take place. I alos thought your 'Vet Certificate' was military. I didn't get it until I read Pixie's post. LOL! Duh!! Anyway, you'll learn sooooo much from this board. I have worked in the animal industry for 20 plus years and I just graduated from grooming school about a week ago. Whooo Hooo! (another "duh!") Has your family owned the boarding kennel long? Sorry getting so nosy.
                  On another note, just wanted to let you know we're really proud of you military people and your service!


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                    A while yet

                    I don't retire until the end of 2008. We have owned the kennel for a year now. My wife and I started making our future plans including education and what we would like to do to the kennel. My Mother-in-Law said I should have gone into business management with all the ideas I had. We started our education right off the bat. The more the better is the way I am looking at it. This will add credibility to the Kennel and confidence to our customers. We even have a picture of us standing with Cesar Millan when he was in town for a book signing. We stood in line for over three hours and were lucky to get in. We were in the last group of 25 to get in with 200 more waiting outside. We watch his shows all the time and use his techniques on our Shi Tzu's.
                    Thank you for your support about our service. I have five years in the Middle East and glad I will not be going back.