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  • new to site with a huge question

    I have been grooming as owner/groomer of a shop for 4 years. I have recently gone through alot, divorce, had to adopt out my 2 standard poodles, lost my grandfather this year and most recently my sister first of may.

    I have a very good friend who is also a groomer/owner with her husband, they live in another state and are wanting help and have asked if I would be interested in working with them. My question is, they are thinking of me coming on board and doing a 1/3 cut across the board with all dogs and me taking care of my own taxes and insurance, which I am already paying those things now. I have been checking out other work options from working for someone else to relocating and opening my own shop elsewhere, to staying here and expanding. I am up for anything at this point. The later is the least that I would like. I would like to relocate. All my family is in another state and the move to work with my friend would put me closer to family.

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    Not doing taxes and payroll is their way of getting out of paying what they are supposed to.

    Big yellow lights all around.