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I'm new with a hundred questions....

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  • I'm new with a hundred questions....

    Hi- I am new to this board and fairly new to grooming- I've been out of school for about 7 months, but had been a bather for about 3 years. Now I'm a new mobile van owner and have started my new business. I jumped right into buying my own van because I tried working for quite a few shops, and frankely, was disgusted by the business ethics of every shop owner I met! I'm determined to run my company morally, honestly, and with concern for the animal above all else- especially money. Money doesnt matter to me. Not like it seems to matter to so many shop owners these days, anyway.

    Since I've started my business, about 2 months ago, things are going well. Better than I or my fiance/partner expected at first, anyway. I'm here, though, cuz I've been reading these threads, and finding there's so very much I don't know!

    I'm glad I found this site, though- it's a Godsend- because I don't want to make some huge mistake that costs me my career or wrecks my reputation, or whatever.

    I've got tons of questions, but I will post them in the next few days or so- not tonite- it is very late and I am very tired- but I just wanted to say hello, and be polite and all.

    So hello, and thanks!

    San Diego, CA

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    Welcome to the board, you will learn lots of great stuff!


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      I too am in San Diego. We had our Shi Tzu's groomed by a mobile groomer offered by our Vet. When I drove in to drop off the girls, I noticed the mobile grooming van pitted with rust. I was not impressed from the start. I wondered how I could expect a good job done on our girls if the groomer couldn't even maintain her equipment. This was a couple years ago so I know it was not you. Needless to say that was the last time we had our girls groomed there. That is the only advice I can give since I am not a groomer yet. But I am still a customer.