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  • Hello from Oregon

    I am new here. I am currently trying to get training on how to be a dog groomer. I haven't found anywhere yet, but I'd love to start out as a bather then have an appreticeship with some one etc. I applied for a local grooming school, she never got back to me. I'm going to wait until June, before I give up (the class starts in August she said normally interviews in May/June and she decides who's in the class in July). I am still in high school so it is a bit more of a challenge for me, considering most places want some one older. However next year is my senior year and I have a very flexible schedule (online school). So the time schedule is not the problem. The problem is just finding some where to attend school and some one very experienced to learn from.

    I have read about programs you can do from home etc. I'd really like a hands on type of thing though. Has any one done the programs from home and proceeded in becoming an actual groomer with practice etc?

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    Hello, welcome to the board.
    My first job was when I was still in high school and I worked for a dog handler and b/b the dogs and cleaned kennels. After that I went to grooming shops, kennels and animal hospitals, I tried to work where ever there were dogs. I even worked for this one lady for a day just to bath dogs to see how I liked it. (Don't know why or how I got that day job but I did it) I never did go to school for grooming, was told years ago (back in the 60's) it was best to be trained by a grooming and not waste my money on a school. May be different now. But I was trained by a groomer and have never looked back.
    Even with you being still in school you could work part time for a shop and learn that way. Get a foot in the door. See how you like it. It is hard work, we don't play with sweet little puppies all day long.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      Be persistent

      Make sure to be persistent with the grooming school. Maybe write a letter. Sometimes you just get lost in the shuffle. In the meantime, call some local shops and ask to job shadow for an afternoon. I have high schoolers all the time, in fact I have one on Saturday. And I just got finished with a 6 week internship with a senior in a skill training program who wants to be a groomer. I'm in Eastern Washington, so you could come by our place for a day!



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        Welcome to the board, you will learn lots of great stuff!