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    Hi, I am a very newbie, newcomer. I tried to post something yesterday but I don't see it. Probaby didn't do it at the right place.

    I am 54 and just starting out also. Basically, I am terrified. I am doing a home study course. I did work for a groomer as a bather a while back, just for a short time. We didn't get on because she was in a big big hurry to get rich and everytime she hurt one of the dogs I would jump from the screaming and she really didn't like that. I also took my time and was gentle and she really didn't like that.

    I am leaving my career as a Military Educational Consultant and coming to the world of grooming. I am a bit nervous and wondering if I am doing the right thing. All I can say is this: something is driving me full speed ahead and I can't think of anything else and can hardly sleep with excitement.
    I have decided to invest in any equipment that helps my back and shoulders stay healthy (they are a bit weak now), so if any of you know of a product that can help in that regard I sure would appreciate it. I am a young 54, healthy and strong, but who knows if that will change?

    I am divorced, single and loving it, no dating, just enjoying my horses and dogs, cats, birds, etc., and loving the fact that I can do whatever I want when I want and I do not have to cook for ANYone (except the pyrs, we barbeque almost every day-they won't eat canned food-just kibbles and meat). I do have two Great Pyrs which I discovered that I love to groom. I Didn't know that before. Both were rescues and I thought to myself "oh my gosh how will I ever survive all the grooming," but as I say, it relaxes me. I love to see them looking wonderful, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and they are so happy when they are groomed, they feel so up, that it makes it a great experience for me. I will be grooming at a few shelters in my free time soon (for nothing of course-I need to get my hands on). Can't wait to make the sweet shelter dogs look beautiful for adoption days.

    I need lots of advice, if you have time, please send it ALL to me. Thanks a bunch.

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    This is just the nicest board.

    You pick up so much in just the off hand things people say.

    How this clip could be done, new things to try, and different

    experiences we all have. I am near fifty and new myself.

    I have been open in my home shop a month and have only a dozen or

    so dogs I am doing. My big add come out the end of July and I am so

    hopeing it brings me some more. We shall see.

    Let us know how its going and good luck to you.


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      Welcome to the board, you will learn lots of great stuff!