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  • Hello~Q) Home-study

    I am new to this field who want to be a vet. tech/animal caretaker and open to any kind of work experience with animals.
    I really want to learn grooming to volunteer at an animal shelter near my house when I am ready.

    So...I was thinking of starting a Home-study course.
    So far I found Penn Foster Career School has 'pet groom' course and 'All about Dog Grooming' course from this site.
    Please give me some advices about this 2 home-study courses.

    Thank you !

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    home study

    hi I worked in an animal hospital for 3 years a kennel tech, bathed dogs and cats. worked in three grooming shops I always wanted to be a vet but no vet schools around so i decided to take the pennfoster course for grooming. it taught me about safety business management clipping etc: was done in less then 6 months. You can make monthly payments also. good luck hope this was helpful.


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      I have done the Penn Foster home study and it has helped me emensly. I am applying the information I learned from the home study now, with a local school. It is a great tool, plus you can go back and look @ the information and tab it and all kinds of stuff if you want too. I printed all the information and put them in a large 3 ring binder. My teacher wanted to go back and look through it "for a refresher" for OSHA, and learned new stuff too. So I think this program would help.

      As for the other one I have no idea.

      Good Luck in your Ventures.

      Sitters For Your Kritters


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        I think there is also Groomadog (sp?) as home study. There is also JKL - they are a sponsor here. My sister took the JKL course 2 yrs ago and really liked it. She started a mobile grooming right after finishing her course and is very successfull. I never taken a home study course so I cannot give you any info.

        If you do a search on home study, you will find more info.


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          Thank you for all your help

          Thank you for all your answer.
          yes I will need to take a little more time as I am interested in almost everything related in animals. ^_^
          I am interested in Vet. tech. but on the other hand, I am so into natural healing and alternative therapies for animals, and sure want to know about how to groom. I will see what is my real profession as I start to move forward one by one, step by step.


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            I think the Groomadog is the best one. She is a certified master groomer. If you're going to do it, do it where it counts! I've not heard good things about penn foster at all. save your money on that one! checkout groomadog for home study!


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              Welcome to the board, you will learn lots of great stuff!