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Hello from Florida!

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  • Hello from Florida!

    I am in sunny Florida and been grooming my own pets (2 cats and a dog) for many years now and seriously considering getting into cat grooming... yes, a crazy cat lover )

    I'm still in the 'researching' phase and learning as much as I can by reading this board. Great info here by the way!

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    Another Floridian! What area are you in? I'm in the Daytona Beach area... I've been grooming for about 2 years now and love it. I only groom dogs though, no cats. I love cats, but in my opinion, they are too hard to groom and get too nasty, too quickly. The groomer I work with grooms cats... I usually have to hold them down and end up getting scratched... I have a huge scar across my right hand from a nasty cat's rear claws. Just goes with the I do have to say that there seems to be quite a demand for cat grooming. The groomer I work with gets new cat clients fairly often since a lot of other groomers don't want to do the cats. Best of luck to you! :-)



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      Hi Karey!!

      Thank you! I'm on the West Coast and there are very few cat groomers here also. It takes a real love for cats and LOTS of patience ) I've been bitten twice by one of my own cats so I know how mean they can be LOL... The trick is to learn how to read them. I'm learning and getting pretty good at it now. He never bit me again ) or even tried and that was a long time ago.

      I have had other cats put there 'nice little teeth' at my wrist/arm but they never bit me. I guess it's all about how comfortable someone is to work with them and I understand those who doesn't want to touch them - they can be really nasty LOL....



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        Hi - another Floridian here! I own a grooming shop in Tampa...where on the W. coast do you live?



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          Hi, another Native Floridian here :-) I own a shop in the Orlando area.


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            I'm thinkin we got FL covered!

            I'm in Lakeland.



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              I went to Disneyworld in April!!!!

              Sorry...just wanted to join the party...!


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                LOL c.c.!!!

                I almost chocked on a taco I was laughing so much when I got to read your post! you're too funny!

                Nice to see other Floridians close to me although none right next door. I am located right in the middle of all of you! LOL...

                If any of you groom cats and would love a 'free' part-time helper with them, let me know. (no doggies, just kitties ) I love dogs, just not interested in grooming them, I do enough of them every week.


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                  hi, I'm in Utah, never been to Florida! Welcome to the board.
                  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                    Pixie... never to Florida? Come on down :-)

                    Minou, We do lots of cats and I have been thinking of adding a cat day only to our Mobile :-)


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                      sorry.....i'm slow

                      but also in sw fl. welcome to the board.....i'm recovering from Busch Gardens with my 6 year old over the weekend.....yeah that's my excuse for my slow welcome.....too dang tired to read!lol i'm in the Ft. Myers i get the boobie i the closest?!? jk


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                        Well, IT IS HERE... our first named storm of the year. Let's give a great BIG welcome to Andrea :-(


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                          Originally posted by Gracy Rose View Post
                          Well, IT IS HERE... our first named storm of the year. Let's give a great BIG welcome to Andrea :-(
                          great! and i was having such a good day......thanks alot pal!lol jk


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                            I get to be part of the cool club, I'm in central florida as well.


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                              well it seems im the odd ball here. im from Maryland. i have been to florida tho its been YEARS. Ive been a bather for years currently in an office and hate it. im waiting for the mail to come with my grooming application, hoping to get accepted in the October class. im soo excited. I wash dogs on the side as extra spending money and hope eventually i can have my own mobile gig. wish me luck.