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waterless shampoos for cats

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  • waterless shampoos for cats

    have any of you cat groomers used this type of shampoo for cats and how good does it work? I did my first cat last week and she didn't mind the bath, but I know some cats won't be so willing to get in the tub. I really enjoyed grooming this cat and would like to expand my services to more cats. Also I have been told cats take care of their own nails and shouldn't need trimmed any information on cat grooming would be great

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    The place I just started at uses waterless baths unless specified by the owner. We use miracle coat, waterlees shampoo for cats. It works well on the cats who take good care of themselves, but I wouldn't rec. it for non-cleaners.
    In regards to nail trims, I would definitely recommend cutting them for your own safety. Also, I've seen older cats with nails growing around and back into their pads because they don't sharpen them.
    Be careful and make sure your charging for grooming cats. They should be nearly double your smaller trims. GOOD LUCK!


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      If they tolerate a real bath, I use Grimeinator and follow up with conditioner, I currently have Espree Silky Show conditioner. If they don't like a bath, I use Bio Groom waterless spray bath, and try to follow with a gentle hand dryer and brush really well while wet, and again when dried. Absolutely trim the nails...what you were told sounds silly to me. If there is length to trim, trim them, even if it is just the very tip. You should also clean the ears, they can get very greasy/waxy. I use Otirinse. I only listed what I use, because in my experience I get great results. There are cat grooming gurus on here that probably have other fantastic products that they use. Make sure to charge extra for shaving a matted cat. You must take your time and be very, very careful and patient and gentle. Plus, clipping dirty coat is hard on your tools. Good luck!


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        There's a whole section here devoted to cats, you might find it helpful. I like the biogroom waterless shampoo. Nail trimming is always the first step in cat grooming!