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  • new and in need of advice

    Hey everyone! my name is Tiffany and i am currently employed as a bather at a grooming shop! I love it, and would very much like to progress in the grooming world, however, i can't seem to find a school around me!! I live in MA on the south shore right by cape cod. I work with two groomers, but one of them went to school a long time ago, and the school doesn't exist anymore, and the other went to school a couple hours from my house. I have tried looking online on the yellow pages, and i've also used however i cannot find anything!! this is sad because i would LOVE to get going on my carrer. If anyone has any advice on how they found the school they went to, or knows of somewhere around where i am, i would greatly apreciate if you'd let me know!! I love what i do, but i want to do more. Thanks so much everyone have a great day!

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    I didn't go to a school. I learned on the job. You say you already work as a bather are they willing to teach you to groom?
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      grooming school

      Hi there, you had asked about grooming schools, well heres what I think and this is how I learned about grooming. The best way to learn grooming is hands on not through books. You can buy books and read until your heart is content but it just wont beat hands on. You say currently your are a bather thats where most people start. Dont be afraid to ask alot of questions about tools or ask for advice from your employer. You best bet would be to find an excellent groomr that you can apprentice under. Sometimes they will charge you to learn the skill but it truly is the best way to learn so ask around be bold. I never went to school I did alot of apprentice work and am currently highly coveted in my area. Volunteer if you have to until you feel confident


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        there are also several good on line schools that require a lot of hands on like, and
        best of luck to you

        Stephen: And too. Many people forget that home study doesn't mean there is NO hands-on, there is. You locate the pets to groom and often take pictures and the pictures are critiqued etc.


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          I agree with mommasita- the best is to learn on the job. Books are good, but hands on is the way to go. Over my 11 years grooming (and I learned from mom as a kid and refined when I was 17 and started as a bather) I have worked with other groomers. I have noticed a lot of the groomers that went to schools didn't quiet have it together....maybe didn't even know some of the things I seemed to have gather hands on or noticed the other hands-on learners have knowledge of. You need a mentor to help you learn gooming techniques and business.


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            new and in need of advice

            I agree with everyone else--Don't go to a school. Learn from the experienced groomers you are working with. It's a much better way to perfect your skills, and get individual help and instruction. Good Luck!


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              Welcome to the board, you will learn lots of great stuff!