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  • Hello im a newbie

    Hey everyone or anyone I am anewbie to the message board but not to the grooming world. Ive been grooming for about 5 years now and working with animals for about ten years. Does anyone out there work for someone on commission? If you do do you mind sharing how much is a reasonable commission to ask from your employer. My employer supplies the shampoo, ear cleaning stuff electricity power and space. I provide my own equiptment. It's just somedays and with some breeds I don't think that I am getting what I deserve. So could someone please help. Oh and also I gave her a list of prices but she wants to set her own prices I guess I am just not sure how to do this right and I think my love of animals can sometimes blind me to reality. hope to talk to someone soon!!

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    Commission percentages

    Hi-- I'm MissKurly, just joined yesterday. If you are maintaining your own equipment, you should be getting a minimum of 50% commission. Good Luck!


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      Hi there,
      this is kind of tough to say, because there are sooo many variables. But I'll try to give you my opinion. I have worked as an employee, an independent contractor, mobile, shop owner, the whole 9 yards. I have heard most people say, do not take anything less than 50%. So what if you are being paid 50% commission but the shop has set very low won't be happy...what if you are offered 40% comm. in a very high end shop and they give you a weeks vacation, supply the bather, and give you benefits? well, regardless of the comm. %, you will do much better at the high end shop. Also, depends if you are getting paid as an employee or as an ic....if you are getting paid as an can charge your clients (dogs) your price, not the owners. if you are an employee, it will be the owners decision what the grooming prices will be... i have worked in places where the prices on certain breeds were set much too low. i told the owners flat out, i will not groom that breed for that price, period.....if you want me to do it, it needs to be at least this much...I don't know if you are bold enough for that, but remember. You are a skilled professional. You should not be able to go over to your local fastfood joint and get paid more for flipping burgers.