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Looking into a Mobile Grooming Business

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  • Looking into a Mobile Grooming Business

    I am new to the site and wanted to hear from a few of you regarding the mibile grooming business. I am in the Portland Oregon area and we only have 3 mobile groomers. I am curretly looking at this as a career change and was wondering if any one could share their thoughts on the overall business model (good, bad, a great money making opportunity, don;t do it, etc). Here is a tough question...what is the range of annual revenue you can estimate froma single van? I know this can have a wide range, but is the likely number closer to $50K or $100K. Just looking for estimates from others in the business vs. the companies I am working with who I assume are giving me high end estimates. Does this business hold to the motto, one man (or woman), one van one hundred grand?

    Look forward to your comments,

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    Mobile business

    Sounds fair almost. This depends on the areas you want to serve and your groomers experience. I have been in shops and mobile and there are benefits to either. The mobile was great as far as over head and free scheduling but there is a limit to the number of pets you do each day. My business got too busy for the mobile and I went back to the grooming shop venue. Now, if you had 2 groomers you could count on ten you would add a unit but thenyou have added expense in employees which you avoid with the do it yourself route. PM me or call if you woulkd like more info. I've been in the business for years and will gladly give you info. I love this lne of work. Liz