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  • Newbie from NE

    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading this forum for about six months, and finally decided to join!

    I own and opperate a small grooming salon in central NE. Most of the dogs here come from BYBs and petstores:-P. Shih-tzus/lhasas and schnauzers dominate the area, with yorkies and toy poodles coming in second. And plenty of OAY cockers. There is actually very little variety of breeds in the area. The rarest breed I have groomed is an afghan, who had quite the additude.:-)

    I have only been grooming professionally for about 4 months now. BRAND NEW! I received six weeks of training from the former shop owner when I purchased the shop & equipment. I met most of her clients, and the transistion was smooth. I have a bather and a receptionist. I currently do 4 dogs a day,but hope to increase to about double that. And so far, business has been GREAT!

    I just returned from my very first trade show in MO, and was dazzled by all the cool groomers, and all their cool tools:-)

    This forum is fascinating and downright entertaining sometimes! This is such great place for me to learn!

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    Welcome, you'll love it here!