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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello!! My name is Amber. I'm from a growing tourist town in Missouri. I've been grooming for about 9 years now.. WOW!! Doesn't seem like it's been that long.. lol I learned through an internship with my mother. She's been grooming for about 30 some odd years now. She was trained by my grandmother.. So, I guess I was born to groom. I absolutely love animals and always have, so I love my job!!! I thoroughly enjoy going to the Intergroom seminars. They are very informative, and I come home with at least a couple new techniques and even a little refreshed.. Would love to attend a show sometime though.. Anyone know of any in this area, please let me know.. Anyhow, hope to meet some new groomers!!! Have a great day!
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    Hi and weclome!!! I am in Florida:-) I love your pic... I want flowers like that :-)


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          Rhode Island

          There is one grooming show in Warwick Rhode Island. I'm going to that one in November. I think the first week. Intergroom was great but not as good as the big one in Hershey. Hope this helps.


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            welcome from the fl the go to general talk and then to the petition to FDA and open it and sign.......ok and crosspost to all your friends and family.....thanks, Laura


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              Thanks for the warm welcome

              Hello again everyone.. Gracy, where about in Florida are you from? I have family close to Destin. : )
              I had quite the little mess to groom today!! It was a once a year job, you know the kind that are matted to the skin?! Poor little Pom.. I felt so bad for the baby. Question is, what do you charge for this sort of thing?? I always get in the mode while I'm grooming these dogs and am convinced I'm really going to charge for all this work, then when I'm finished, I start feeling guilty about charging too much for such a small dog. Although, I did dull two blades working on this one!!! What do you all think is fair? How do you judge price on a once a year job?? Big or small..
              Also, anyone out there use the Nature's Specialties Remoisturizing Treatment? It's wonderfull for dog's with dry, irritated skin, and dry brittle coat!!! I highly recommend it.. Helps with matted dogs too!!
              Have a great day everyone!!