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    Well, I thought I should quit beating about the bush and just post! I've been visiting this site for several months now. I appreciate the wisdom, humor, encouragement and fellowship that I see here. I am 31, quit my old "career" last year, went to grooming school, and picked up my van in December. Even though I am not close to the break-even point, yet, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER about my decision. Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" and thanks to everyone for the shared knowledge and opinions... lurking here has helped me tremendously and I look forward to being a more involved member of the community!

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    It's great to be able to make a living at something you genuinely love. I've been doing this for a long time and don't ever want to retire..good luck, liz


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      Welcome! You'll love this site. Lots of great information from everyone!


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        Thank you!!


        Thank you for sharing your story. I am also taking the same path as you. I graduated from school 2 years ago and FINALLY quit my job in December. My goal is to work in a shop for 1 year and then go mobile. By you shaing your story it inspires me to keep going. I know I am on the right path.



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          Thanks For the Inspiration too!

          I'm going mobile just as soon as my trailer is ready! I've got 4 weeks left of school and have been in the animal indusrty for about 20 years (yikes!) total and just now going to grooming school. How did you do fresh out of school?


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            a little long winded

            Thanks for the welcome. I know I will enjoy it here!

            howlingbutterfly, yes! You are on the right track... like I said, just reading this board has been so reaffirming for me, too, that I'm doing the right thing. When you get scared or unsure, this is a great place to hang.

            Mamabear, congrats on your new biz! Wanna hear something funny? I have never even owned a dog! My first day at school was the first day that I'd washed a dog - and I loved it from the first soaking wet moment! My ultimate goal here was to work for myself and the fact that I had no experience was daunting for sure. My plan required that I jump in with both feet, though. I chose not to work for someone prior to getting my own van because I was afraid that I might chicken out, even though I'm sure that that would have benefited me.

            So far, things are great. In fact, my first client that was not a family member or aquiantance has a Portuguese Water Dog. A breed that I never laid eyes on in school. Well, the dog is 12 and my client says that I am the first groomer that she's ever been satisfied with - in 12 years!!! Each client that praises my work and re-books boosts my confidence and assures me that I made a good choice. I don't regret going straight from school to on-my-own at all (except for the part where I'm in debt up to my eyeballs!)


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              Welcome, we hope you add lots of great input:-)