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New groomer...kinda nervous

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  • New groomer...kinda nervous

    This is where i write something witty and exciting about myself...*thinks hard*..*30 mins later...* OH! I just graduated from Nash Academy about a week ago..Im 21 years old and live with my boyfriend in Southaven Mississippi about 20 mins from memphis.. I havent started work yet i actually have an interview tomorrow *crosses her fingers*. Im very very exited about getting started ive been in school for 15 weeks grooming and i know i know what im doing but getting out in the real world is a bit nerve racking.. Its a pleasure to meet yall.... that is whoever reads this... and im a very outgoing person im sure you'll see me around... *smiles*
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    Congrats and good luck. You will love it!! The best thing I did was go to school to be a groomer just wish I had done it at 20 instead of 50 but thats ok at least I'll be happy until I can retire
    "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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      Welcome to a wonderful career. I'm in Middle TN - Tullahoma. Just remember you're the one that was educated -- not the customer. It's your job to educate them now. :>) Have fun and good luck with your job interview.


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        Good luck

        I'm crossing my fingers for you on that interview. Have fun, keep learning - everyday brings something new if your open to recieving it. Remember yourself -- Physically, emotionally and spiritually, Take care of yourself during your grooming carrer, because YOU are your own most special grooming equipment that you posses.


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          In my opinion, this is the best job anyone could ever want. And having a forum to chat with other groomers is great. My biggest problem as a groomer is getting the customer to be specific about what they want done. Their idea of short all over and my idea of short all over are two different things. And when you ask them to show you with their hands in inches, well, they just don't know. Last year I groomed a sheltie with a 1" clip comb and everything was fine. Since then the dog had two grooms which were just a trim. This year she wanted short all over again so I did exactly what I recorded last year and she flipped out. You just never know what they want and I think that is the hardest part. I'm going to work on a photo album. Maybe that will help!

          Anyway, good luck and enjoy all those wet noses!


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            This is a great opportunity for you

            Good luck on your interview. This is a great career. Enjoy. Liz


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              I got my job!

              Just letting everyone know i got my job! This place is inside of a pet supply store but it has its own entrance and waiting room.. he told me that i could do whatever i wanted to the place as far as paint and prices ect... the place is pretty much mine and they provide any supplies i need except for my own equpiment...60% or $12 an hour... whichever im making more money with! Im real excited just ill be by myself no other groomers.. i was kinda hoping i would have someone with me in the beginning but maybe it will be better if im by myself...anywho just letting ya'll know


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                Congrats Kim!! I'm proud of you!


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                  That sounds very exciting. Nice that they are giving you your own space. Good luck and have fun!


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                    Hello! Welcome to the board! I think that it's great that you are so willing and eager! I wish you luck in finding a job!
                    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                      Have question about Nash Academy

                      I am seriously considering going to grooming school and have narrowed it down to Nash. Can you tell me what you think about the school? There are cheaper schools, but I want to take the on-line courses at home while I'm working and then go down there to take my hands on and this is the only way to do that. Did you like it? Did you live in the apartments? Please give me any ifo that you can!