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    Hello All - my name is Abby - I am 25, live in NC. I have been working in vet clinics for a cpouple years now, and I have worked for a few groomers. I am ready to begin my career as a dog groomer. I am literally @ the very beginning, I have not received any training and and not certified or licenced. I am completely lost as to where to even begin. My overall goal is to own a mobile dog grooming business - so I am sure there is an abundance of information that I can receive from all of you - I was reading some of the profiles and there is a TON of experience in this forum. I AM ALL EARS!!! Thank you in advance for your help. I found a school in CARY, NC anyone know anything about it?!? Its called Atlantic Coast of Animal Arts.

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    Hello and welcome! Good luck with everything! Unfortunately I don't know anything about the school, but I sure that someone on here will! This board is great! I have learned so much from people more experienced than me, and even people less experienced!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      Check around. There are several well known schools, i.e. Nash, among others.Some listed on this site..Personally, I'm self taught but learned alot from many others. I love my work and my clients..Good Luck, liz


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        Nanhall was the one I was thinking of