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  • Hi Pet Lovers

    I just wanted to introduce myself to you all.
    I'm a groomer of just 5 years and I love every minute of it.
    I'm currently grooming out of my home, but I've been looking into moblile grooming. Possibly with a partner. Do any of you have more than one groomer in your van or trailer?
    What your oppinion on multiple groomers in one van or trailer, good idea or bad and what about having a partner, I'm really worried about that.

    I appreciate any advice you all can give and thank you so much for your time to write me back.

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    The WNTs elite van is set-up for multiple groomers.
    The van is large enough that you should not be getting in each other's way.
    You could only do small dogs at the second station as the table is more like a counter and doesn't adjust.
    Sometimes, I wish I had a partner that could help with the big guys. As I can't lift anything over 60 lbs.