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  • Hello from South Carolina!


    Just recently enrolled in grooming school and will be starting June 22. I am very excited about this career move! I have worked in all aspects of the pet industry but grooming is a new venture for me. I am just excited! Any advice would be great! Love the forums!


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    Have fun!

    As long as you have fun and realize that school is "the basics", you should be fine.

    That means don't beat yourself up over not turning out show dogs or making mistakes in school, and when you finish, be prepared to learn a LOT in your first 2 years, and then some forever.

    That's part of what makes this a great career!!


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      Hello Tink! Welcome to the board and congratulations on your decision to become a groomer. I am also in SC (Pendleton which is in the upstate). Which school are you going to and what are are you in(if you don't mind my asking)?

      Like Debbi said, you need to realize that in school you are probably only going to learn the very basics of grooming and business. Make it your life long goal to continue to learn as much as you can from different sources and get as much varied experience as possible so you can become a well rounded and knowledgable groomer. Don't let yourself be convinced by your school that what they are teaching you is the only way to do things or that you will know everything about grooming once you graduate.

      Many "newbies", fresh out of school, are stunned to find out how little their school prepared them for the realities of working in this industry. I think many go to school w/the fantasy image of getting well payed to play w/ sweet, well behaved doggies and kitties while making them look pretty for appreciatiave owners. I hope that isn't the image you have in mind as you are getting ready to start school.

      The truth is pet grooming can be hard, back breaking, frustrating and occasionally dangerous work. There are disturbing stories on here from groomers (newbies as well as experienced), unhappy about where they work because of unethical or uneducated bosses and co-workers or frustration at what they are earning. The "burn out" rate for our industry is quite high.

      The plus side is that if you are prepared for the realities of pet grooming, are willing to work hard, have an open mind to new ideas and continue to educate yourself, you can have a wonderful and lucrative career that you love for life.

      I have been a groomer for about 24 yrs and owned my own business for 16. I still love and have a passion for grooming. A big hope I have is that my body stays strong enough for me do it (in some capacity) till I am so old that one day I just wake up dead
      SheilaB from SC


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        Thanks for the heads up, but like I said I have worked in all aspects of the pet industry and currently still do. I have worked in pet retail, vet, and doggie daycare/boarding. And yes the dogs are bad and the owners even more bad. I hope that this has prepared me for the reality of the grooming world. I have always been an animal lover but also a realist. I know its not all flowers and puppies and kitties.

        I have dealt with the baddest of the bad dogs and cats and yet I still come back for more! I have chosen Groomadog Academy in SC. I did my reasearch and she seems to have the smallest classroom size, doesn't push 5 dogs a day on you from day one, and really seems to have a passion for teaching and grooming. She is a teaching school, not a grooming salon that calls themself a 'school'. The name kind of turned me off at first but after speaking with her and researching I chose it afterall.

        I know school will help me get the basics and I am looking forward to learning the tricks of the trade over the years. I hope to one day be good enough to go to grooming competitions and do some creative grooming. I am excited to learn and I am looking forward to learning and growing along with the industry.

        I appreciate the input and any other advice to prepare me for this is greatly appreciated. I enjoy skeptic criticism because it just ensures me that I have gone over all the pros and cons and makes me feel like I have prepared myself completely for this adventure. I hope I don't sound like one of those naive people who think this job is easy and safe. I have worked with four legged hooved animals and large jowel toothy smile animals and know what kind of damage working with them can do.