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    Hi! I finally registered. I have been lurking and enjoying for some time now and decided to join in the fun. I have been involved with dogs my entire life and learned to groom about 20 years ago as an apprentice. I groomed for about 10 years and then took a hiatus for another 10 years. I am back grooming full time now at a PetSomething and really enjoying it. It is amazing how much you remember and how much you forget.

    I am getting ready to move to a small rural town and hoping to start my own grooming business. I can transfer with PetSomething but the closest store is about 70 miles away. There is only one other groomer in the county I am moving to and I understand she is booked up a month in advance. I have enough from the sale of my house to build my shop but not enough to build my shop and live on for a year or two. Any opinions on what I should do?