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How to find the best spot for a new shop?

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  • How to find the best spot for a new shop?

    Since most towns/cities/villages have grooming shops, how do you determine if an area can support
    another shop? Are there any kind of statistics that would help?

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    I would like to know the same thing. Have been in some smaller towns, population 20,000 and there have been probably 10 groomers and then other places with a population of about 13,000 and they can't seem to keep a grooming shop open. I eventually want to open my own shop and we will probably be moving so not sure what size town to look for.


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      Start doing your homework

      Look at similar towns, with same population or close, same industries un employemnt rates etc....look at how many shops there are...

      look at the stat from the latest census, how many people, how many own animals, what opercenatge are dogs, what precentage of those dogs need grooming?

      How bookedare the local groomers in your area? if everyone and I mean EVERYONE is booked 6+ week in advance and most shops take no new clients...good area possibily...if there are several new shops...well you have competition.

      No matter where you go you need to get client that are willing to change from current groomer, you need to give them a reason. if you are awesome, willing to let the shop grow slowly, and generally better then your competition...then someday you will be the competition...but never under estimate the local competition!!!