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  • Hello from Nebraska

    Been a Mobile Groomer for a little over 2 years and wondering if anyone can tell me how many dogs I can expect be to be grooming a day??? I am getting the feeling from the "higher" ups that they keep expecting the time to "pick up" and currently doing between 4-5 completes a day in a 10 hours shift...any advice you can give me would be fantastic...these are not just your small 4 week returns clients, 6-8 week returns, sometimes 8 months...but usually averaging about 2 hours per groom, start to finish with all paperwork, travel time etc.....thanks in advance for your help....signed...rushed in Nebraska!!!!

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    Welcome Nebraska!

    Congrats on the 2 years as mobile. I have been for 4 years and just expanded to 2 vans...a Wag'n Tails ProVan and a new Elite. Love it and could never groom elsewhere; in any different environment. As for your question about when things might pick all depends on how well you did your homework when you made the move to be mobile. It has a lot to do with demographics; income brackets. Most of my clients are in the "upper" income brackets and I have a very large area; thank goodness, to pick from. Remember...your van is a moving billboard. Be seen where you want to groom...find the right demographic area and "sit". Let the van's logo's and phone number do the rest. If there is a very busy store chain in your area...park sure you don't get in trouble of course. I still drop a van off from time to time; on Sundays' at Sams Wholesale and will always be guaranteed calls from being see there within the week. Have a photo site and card/magnets. People absolutely love magnets for the refrig and that way they won't forget your number. I have never had to set up a website so instead I use Phanfare...or Photon. Its free and so very simple. My site is: . That way you can always tell that inquiring person that they can look at some of your work there. Very best to you.



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      Sorry, I have no advice, just wanted to say HELLO from a fellow Nebraskan!


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        Hello from your northern neighboor.