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  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Sierra, I'm about to turn 22 on April 9th. I'm not a professional groomer, but I do have two puppies that I love dearly. A 7 month old lab/rat terrier (we think...) named Elvis, and a 4 month old dachshund/yorkie named Murphy. They love to play, and just because Murphy is little doesn't mean he backs off of Elvis! I also have a seven week old baby girl, Molly. The three of them keep my hands full every day! My main goal in creating a profile here is to read everyone's advice and discussions, to learn as much as I can about my puppies. My first goal is to give Murphy a haircut....I already trimmed his eyebrows and forehead hair so he can see again, but the rest of him needs a good trim (: Have a good day!

    ***Edit: I just gave Murphy his first ever haircut! The first time I've ever done any type of grooming on an animal. I must say, I rather enjoyed it (: Murphy doesn't seem to mind the scissors or the clippers, but he doesn't like his face messed with, and he has to be standing a certain way for me to trim his feet hair. Does anybody have any tips to get him to hold still? And I know you're supposed to brush all dogs, even short haired ones, but since Murphy is a dachshund/yorkie mix, he has no undercoat, do I still need to comb him? I'm probably going to start anyway, just because I want to see what his hair looks like longer, but I've only ever had Elvis, my lab/rat terrier, and there would be no point to comb him, all I use on him is a slicker brush (which he hates, unless it's after a bath, go figure). I'm trying to learn all I can, since I just got Murphy about a week ago, and it was spur of the moment (someone gave him to us because they didn't want to keep him cooped up in a crate in their basement anymore, and gave him to us free) so I didn't get to do any research beforehand. My main problem is finding information that specifically applies to him, because there isn't much out there. All I've found is either Yorkie or Dachshund, so I see what parts would apply to him the most and just combine it (: But anyway, rambling aside, I'd appreciate any tips or help that anyone could give me, or point me in the right direction, I've looked all over! Thanks!!
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