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Hello from Montana!

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  • Hello from Montana!

    I'm excited to have found your grooming forum! I'd like to learn how to groom my own Black Russian Terrier for show...hoping you all can help me! Look forward to meeting new friends here as well. =D

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    Are you planning to show your BRT? if so then you need to contact your breeder or local club on getting advice on grooming for show.

    majority of groomers will not even touch a dog that is being groomed for show...I learned this the hard way too I had a dog I wanted to show and started calling groomers and came the the groomers voard to learn the truth (and fell in love with grooming and became a groomer, lol) grooming is very precise, extremly detailed, and more in depth then the average dog groom.

    but if your BRT is just a pet and you want to groom him yourself you will learn so much!


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      Thanks for the great advice!

      Yes, we're excited about our plans to show our BRT! I've been in cosmetology for about 25 yrs, but grooming dogs has always been something I've enjoyed since I was a kid, so it's fun for me to learn how to groom my BRT for show! =D

      I was thinking just like you and decided to get a personal lesson with a master BRT groomer from Russia last fall. She soooooo helpful...even had a grooming manual I bought! Since then, I've managed to gather most of the hand tools now except the hv dyer and stand (working on that now). I sent pictures of my first cut back to Russian breeder and was told it looked good. Can't see a black BRT in a picture very well, but the outline was clear! I still have so much to learn though...practice, practice, practice. I love to study pictures of the show dogs in Russia too...they modify the cut to flatter individual conformation. It's tricky!

      Sometimes I think it'd be fun being a dog groomer too, but at my pace I'd only get one or two dogs done per day! lol

      Thanks again for the tips...makes me feel better about the direction I'm taking! =D