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    Hi Everyone I Am Groomer In Palm Springs Ca, Work In A Vet Hosp For 20 Years , Anyone Else Straining In The Veterinary World?? Arrive at work at 6am to have any boarding clients ready for owners by 8am, then take up to 40 groom and bath and tidies from public clients. Work with one bather and myself. The vaccinations, spay and neuters, dentals, and misc veterinary procedures done during and in between are mind boggling. Can anyone relate???
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    wow! you are gonna burn out fast if you havent already. I am a groomer in a vet clinic along with my daughter who is also a groomer. We are strictly groomers. Any thing else that needs to be done is done by the clinic's staff. We groom only by appointments or sometimes walk ins. We do not give complementry baths for the medical part. The clinic's kennel crew or technitions do that. Don't let the clinic walk all over you. You are a very importanat and valuable employee and should be treated likewise. If you are doing that many you cant keep your work quality and keep your customers happy and coming back. I like working in a vet. clinic. They take good care of me.
    I feel for you! Stick up for yourself. Good Luck


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      Welcome to the forum.
      OMG 40 dogs, just a moment...let me pick myself up of the floor! How on earth you are managing that? I dont even want to think about it too long. Phew!


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        me too

        I groom in a vet clinic too. I am sperate from them. ALl the vet stuff gets taken care of by the vet staff. If a dog needs vacc's then I get to groom it first and they vaccinate when I am done. Sometimes they over book me. I've explained a thousand times teh differnce between a golden and a yorkie, but I don't think they understand. lol. I have no bather just me by myself and I go through 8 dogs in a day. But I need help.. I am all by myslef.


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          WOW, that is soooo many dogs. Please tell me you are NOT alone:-)


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            woo girl it's time for you to set some new rules before you get burned out or work your self into a mess. It is ok to be that busy a few times a year but everyday. Ask clients to give an estimated time to pick up their boarding dogs, 10 am being the earliest. If your vet is charging them for boarding that day -they shouldn't be since you are taking care of the pet -then maybe owners won't be so rushed to pick them up. I see you have a bather maybe you could get a person to dry and brush the dogs too then you just have to finish the groom dogs.