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  • Call me crazy....but

    Been watching the grooming business for about 8 years now, I'm a store manager for a unnamed retailer and have had two stores now with some of the companies best performing salons.

    I've always found myself attracted to the grooming business even in my first year of working in a pet store and i'm to the point where I want to jump the gun on grooming.

    Few questions for ya.

    #1. I will be doing a home study as time for a hands on school isn't an option right now, I've lerked this site for a year now reading stickies what do you guys think?

    #2. I am going to go in the mobile grooming business, I haven't decided if i'm going to convert or buy a premade unit...I have the cash but converting would be nice and I could save alot of $$ (I restore cars and campers on the side as a hobby)

    #3. I have a co-worker that has been in the business many years and I would call her probably the best worker i've had in the 13+ years of working retail....We are thinking about going in business together and while i'm being "trained" we work out of a larger mobile grooming unit, She is a master certified groomer so experiance i'll learn will be invaluable...Main reason we are pooling efforts is; I have the income to help purchase van and she has the experiance to train me and the plan would be to go separate ways once enough income has been built up and we are able to get our own units.

    Granted i'm not a complete rookie, I plan on having a lawyer look over everything and draw up agreements so that this will be a smooth-ish transaction, licensing and taxes...all this has been looked at and no suprises.

    We both have owned our own businesses and want the same thing---mobile.

    Any further advice ?
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    Congratulations on finally posting and leaving "lurkdom" behind. I don't have any advise, but just wanted to welcome you and wish you luck.
    "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss


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      Good luck, it sounds like you have done your homework and are aware of the "sensitive areas." Good that you have already planned on having an att'y. review all of the plans. It could be a very easy way to ruin a friendship if you did not take the time to cover the important legal issues.

      How will you be sharing the vehicle? Please keep is posted on your progress.

      best of luck to you!


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        I think it sounds like a damn good plan.

        I (usually) only post advice AFTER a major screw-up/debacle/failure, I find hindsight to be extremely valuable in proffering guidance. (J/K!)

        As far as build-out/convert vs premade, I think if you know what you are doing, you can figure out the things you don't know, and have access to this board and other sources of great information...convert one yourself. It's the difference between 2 people being in business together...and 2 people and a lien holder being in business. (But that's just me...I would have a hard, hard, time..working 1/2 hour for me and 1/2 hour for the bank....)
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          Do a ride along with a mobile groomer in your area.
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            Yeah, done lots of homework on this.

            I'd love to do a ride along with another mobile groomer, but there's none in my area only a ton of shops and rich people...its a cow waiting to be milked (licks chops)


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              "Its like a cow waiting to be milked" I like that quote and obviously you know the area! Good luck and best wishes!


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                get everything in writing...

                Also have a plan in case this groomer backs out and you have a mobile grooming unit and no hands on education/skills...


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                  Originally posted by purplepeopleeater View Post
                  ..... ton of shops and rich people...its a cow waiting to be milked (licks chops)
                  LMAO! Hey, guys? I think I like this lurker!

                  PPE, yer gonna fit in just fiiiiiine! Welcome aboard!
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                    Thanks again for the welcome, I hope to be up and running SOON!

                    my lovely wife has jumped on board too so she'll be working too.