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  • Brand New!

    Hello everyone,

    I've been grooming for three years and am in process of opening a shop in my garage (so far, so good!). I've always loved reading the forum so I thought I should join. Nice to meet you all!

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    Best of Luck

    I'm new to grooming and starting out small/grooming on weekends for friends and gain some experience. I got myself all set up in my garage too, and I hope the neighbors don't tell on me if they see a lot of actvity. Are you zoned to open a business in your garage, or do you have to do that on the "down-low"?? A zoning officer I spoke to told me that as long as I don't have cars lined up outside or several of them parking, I should be fine. I don't totally trust that advice, but for now...I'm doing it that way. I've been trying to find a salon to hire me as an assistant, but I'm finding a lot of discrimination within the grooming community where I live. No one wants to give a NEWBIE a chance. I've even offered FREE services...but again, no luck. So, I'm on my own...except for a master groomer that is going to come over when I have clients and work with me. The garage shop was really my only alternative since I can't work anywhere else. I hope yours goes well...Best of Luck!!


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      Welcome to the land of "The Visibles"! Your screen name is cute...but now you owe an explanation, lol! Are your legs long and stripe-id or do you just love to nibble on acacia (sp?) leaves?
      Good luck w/ your venture, I'm home-based as well and it suits my life just great!

      I know I sound like a broken record....but make sure you have Liability's really, really important!

      The other thing I would recommend is (for your situation) to try and get as familiar as you can w/ what your specific zoning requirements might the event that someone did actually report you?
      It could be the difference in being down for a few days...or 2 months, if you are prepared.
      Sometimes there are things you can do to be proactive...for example, if you are installing new outlets, make sure they are GFCIs or whatever might be required IF you do get inspected. (Again, you would need to refer to specific Codes where you live...)
      It's much easier to just trudge thru the paperwork if you need specific permits...than to rewire the entire garage.
      So that's my lecture for the afternoon.

      The biggest thing they want in my no disruption from the nature of the "community" by someone operating from their home.

      Being as I have a Munitions Depot on my left and an Auto Repair to my right...I feel pretty safe from "disrupting" anything at all around here with a few barking dogs,!
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        Welcome and it is fun reading a giraffe talking to a llama! Getting advice from a sibe ! lol only here.
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          Hello there, and welcome to the site!
          Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt


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            Sorry it's taken me so long to get back on and answer questions.... having some trouble logging in when using Explorer. Anyway, thank you for all the tips, I really appreciate every piece of advice I receive! Also, a little explaination on the name: I am about 6'1 with a slightly longer than average neck so my husband has nicknamed me the Giraffe. I, of course, now collect anything and everything giraffe related