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  • Hi all,

    Well I've been a lerker for some time. Finally decided to jump in. I'm in Wi. Own a small business. Have done obedience, conformation,and breeding of dogs. Started my grooming with my mother who raised and showed persians a llllooooonnnngggggg time ago. Bred, raised, showed horses. In between all that I was married, had three children, had a hairdressing career but decided that the animals and I had more in common. So here I am and enjoy the company. Happy Grooming.

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    Welcome Dodger, I absolutely love Persians. Had one when I was a kid (got her when I was 6) she died just after I had my first son at 26, she was a blue cream and was my baby. I swore I would never have another pet after her, she had so much personality. Now, I have a Bolognese.


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      That is sooo funny! we are so much alike. I bred and showed AQHA, I started grooming with my mom who shows Bichons, I have two kids and I to started with people hair and moved to dogs. I thought people were picky about their own hair....boy, when it comes to their dogs hair they are worse!


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        Welcome Dodger! I think that it is sooo funny that so many people on here started out grooming with their mother! How neat!

        Look forward to your posts!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones