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New here and Trying to decide Mobile or Salon?

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  • New here and Trying to decide Mobile or Salon?

    Hi I am have been coming on this site for a few years but finally decided to sign up to chat.

    I have been grooming for the past 8years now. For the first 7 years I worked at a Salon and over the last year I have been working out of my home and helping out a few days a week doing Mobile. Now I am trying to choose which would be the choice for me...Mobile or Shop? I know that I am ready to make the leap into business owner but which business is right for me? Any info that anyone can give to help make the right decision would be wonderful!

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    Well, it sounds as if you have an idea of what both entail. I think it comes down to which you enjoy more. I went mobile in November of last year after being in a shop for 28 years. I love the mobile. I have had to get my own clientele instead of taking any of my old clients with me, but I love it. It is starting to get busier too. I got 8 new clients just this week. It's awesome. One thing, you don't say where you are located. Location is key for mobile. I am rural, so I drive, but I usually have lots of multiples and make more than at the shop.


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      Mobile or Salon

      I have been mobile for 4 years and love it; have 2 vans. Be sure to "do your homework" when thinking mobile. It about area size and demographics...income brackets. Most of my mobile clients are in the upper income brackets. I have a wide area with these demographics to chose from...thank goodness. Very best of luck.