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New here, Hi! Long-time groomer, in Seattle & Florida

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  • New here, Hi! Long-time groomer, in Seattle & Florida

    Grooming has been a fun career, & stands the test of recession pretty well, too! I've been happy to be an employee, then I was manager for 3 yrs til I got married & moved away.. I even retired! for about 6 mos, lol. Now I'm back as happy employee where I used to manage, ah normal hours!

    I'm joining up here for the comraderie & cool exchange of ideas, like I already heard of a neat trick to try for naughty nail trim dogs, try it while the dryer's going, hmm!

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    Welcome!! It's a GREAT community. I'm sure with all your experience, you'll have a lot to ad to various topics. By the way, where in Florida were you (or are you)? I'm a Floridian. Best to you!!


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      Welcome to the board! I look forward to reading what you have to contribute.
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        Welcome back to the Pacific NorthWET. At least you don't have to worry about hurricane season anymore.

        Another great trick on nails is doing it first thing in the tub. The pups are a little uncertain about their location and footing, so they don't think about what's going on to their feet.


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          thanks for the welcomes! I was in Pompano Beach mostly, I don't miss the bugs or the heat but hey if I have to pick my natural disaster I'll go w a hurricane over tornado, fire, mudslide or earthquake any day! You get to prepare, you go to the middle of the house & bunker down, and when it's over you go check out all the new stuff in your backyard, lol! maybe you have to replace a window but that's no big deal.


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            Hi there! Welcome to the site!
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              Welcome aboard!