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  • Hand Stripping and Clients

    I have been a groomer for quite a long time. How long when God said "Let there be light", I was the one who threw the switch.

    I have hand stripped for many years, just not doing pet stripping. I have a friend who had wire fox terriers, wanted them stripped, and a good price. I needed to toughen my hands by starting with someone who would bring me one at a time, and by pricing them right, I would get the dogs more often.

    Two years ago I stripped and airedale for a show client and when the dog was given to the handler, he informed her that he seldom gets dogs that are stripped ring-ready, but the one I hand stripped was.

    At that time I wasn't on the internet, and asked them to print some information on stripping of wire terriers and bring it in. She came in with 2 hand strips and a clipper trim and not information, but informed me to hand strip for show. I took off the top layer and left the undercoat to roll off. She wanted the stripped like a schnauzer, meaning I would have to pull the coat green and hurt the dog. She told people I didn't know how to hand strip, and I stripped all my Brussels griffons when I showed them.

    Her son kept coming to me, and I have now learned to strip them and run a clipper over the dog after stripping. I have now priced them right and have acquirred several hand strip clients and she wants to come back for the old price. I am not taking her back without the new price and I have informed her that bad advertising is worse than none at all.

    Can you all enlighten me on this????

    Thank you

    J. R.

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    how so few people actually even attempt to strip but yet there are so many clients demanding it be done to show quality. I can tell you that once a dog is "finished" handlers almost always start clipping the dog right away.
    SO I believe there is a halfway level and that's what I do. I won't strip whole necks and rears for a monthly/bimonthly client. If they don't like it then we are not compatible. I charge a flat rate but many charge by the hour. Running a clipper over after the strip eventually makes it a lot harder to strip- rather have the client use a coat king in between.
    I always encourage/beg clients to get involved between visits.
    Some time it even works


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      J.R worked with me when this started, not only did they want an improper strip, but wanted for less than I charge for clipping a pet and wanted a rush job, he does a good strip, so I now send him the hand strips, I donot know how. I told him to lose this person, but hischoice.
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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        I know it is much easier to strip an pet that hasn't been clippered. It is called rolling the coat.

        I feel the client should know how to judge the coat, and I encourage my clients to get involved with their pets. I feel the client I have is just using the dog's grooming to sell her puppys.

        I am very fast with the stripping and don't want to gouge the client, but I also don't want to be taken advantage of. I am the person that wants to make 1% of a million, unlike most in this world that wants to make a million % of 1.

        I really like to see my strips on a monthly basis, but every 3 weeks would be better. How many weeks do most of you see your dogs?


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          Originally posted by Jrsgroom View Post
          I really like to see my strips on a monthly basis, but every 3 weeks would be better. How many weeks do most of you see your dogs?
          Good question. My strip dogs usually come in about every 3 months (depending on when the next social event is that owner whats dog looking presentable for) and it is a lot of work and I always feel rushed.


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            I like to handstrip, for the improved color & texture.. I only ever do 1/3 of the coat in any area, and I don't do the throat belly or under tail. I tell them I'm a Pet groomer & I only offer "pet handstripping". This is how I manage it so I can make them look their best w/o too much stress. We include that in our terrier price range, if they want no stripping then we select the low end of the range. I tell new terrier clients about the benefits, and explain how ev 4-6 weeks gets better results. If they wait too long for good rotation, I still do it so that new hard coat can come in. Westies are my exception, no color to improve so I just do the head for good spiky texture there.

            Sometimes I've been so excited to do certain grooming I undersold myself, like fun poodle patterns, but when I can't do it at the silly price anymore I tell them wow what a deal you got! just be honest. hth!