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    Hello fellow Groomers! I am new to this message board, but have been grooming for 4 years now. I love my profession and am hoping to expand in the future and continue to educate myself. I am interested in a home study program in which I can receive a certificate but do not have to travel for training. Any suggestions? Thanks so much, Happy Grooming!

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    Welcome to the site, I am sure there will be tons of information that you will find useful. Search the threads and different forums and you are bound to come across interesting information. If you don't find what you are looking for, ask, and I am sure someone on here will have some ideas!


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      Welcome to the board there is so much to learn here. Don't be afraid to ask questions. As far as home study goes I believe that there are a few different threads on here about that just look if no one suggests on here. I just can't remember what others have used.
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        Welcome here!

        I'm wondering why you want a certificate if you have been grooming for 4 years? There are many educational videos that will help you "upgrade" but won't give you a certificate, while an online certificate course is probably simply going to go over what you already know.

        Just wondering.


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          I am hoping to open my own salon in the next year or so and have been told that banks want a certificate of some sort. If ya'll have other experience opening your own salon I would love suggestions.


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            banks don't care about certificates. They care about collateral and abillity to repay and a good credit rating.


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              Welcome to the board! With 4 years of grooming if you want a certificate I suggest getting your CMG or equivalent through one of the many grooming associations.
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