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    I am new here I have been grooming for about 2 years now. I started at petsmart but quit pretty early due to personal issues with the company and management. I am not working in a privately owned salon (and have been for about a year a little over)
    The owner is nice and I love my job

    I groom 5 dogs a day sometimes 6. I set my limit and love being able to take the time with my number of dogs.

    I own and breed two toy poodles. We also have a pitbull and husky(big dogs live outside/come inside at night if its cold)

    I am 21, soon to be 22 next month. Hoping to learn some new things here! Thanks

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    WELCOME!! You definitely will learn a lot here. Enjoy!!


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      Welcome! I started out at a "PetSomething" (not allowed to identify employers) as well and left for the same reasons. You will find tons of information here. I learn something new everyday!
      My Blog: <a href="">In the Dogs' House Groomwise Blog</a>


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        Welcome, I still at corp but would love to leave it. I have learned a ton here.