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  • Hi everyone

    What a great site. I've been grooming and ectera (showing, training, handling and so forth) for more than 10 years now and just found this place... where have I been?
    Grooming put me though school all the way to a master's and what am I doing still... not using that degree.
    Currently I work at a small town shop which is also the home base for a sharpening/repair and grooming supply distributor/vendor. The guys go out to shows and shops to sell and sharpen. And man, have I gotten the education in equiptment maintenance and differences in tools. Not to mention the excersize in retraint when new or clearenanced products come through.
    But there is always more to learn and everyone has their own perspective and opinion.

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    Welcome..Ijust joined myself not that long ago and I'm learning all kinds of new stuff already. Sounds like you could teach us some things too. I am enjoying this site.


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      And you've missed out on this awesome online community all these years!! You must be a very busy lady!! Welcome!!! I'm sure you'll have lots to share as well.