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Relocating..kind of nervous

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  • Relocating..kind of nervous

    Hi All, Just wondering if there is anyone here from the Nashville, TN area. We will be relocating there this summer for military and I kind of would like to get a feel for what the area is like before we get there. We are looking to live just outside of Nashville. Also if anyone happens to know what the job outlook is..meaning how difficult it may be to find a groomer's position..please reply or PM me. I am kind of nervous about this since I am only looking to work P/T evenings or weekends since I have a 2 month old and we won't know anyone there. I still am not ready to put her in daycare. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Lisa - I live just outside of Nashville. Where are you looking to move? North, South, etc??


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      When in a pickle, you can always look for a corporate salon. Thats what I had to do, and I set my hours from the beginning. If you arent able to give me the hours that I want, dont bother contacting me.


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        I'd be interested to hear from groomers in this area too. I'm humoring moving there in a couple of years.

        Always seemed like a great city when I visited!


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          barepaws- so far we have looked into the brentwood area and also smyrna but we've not gone out there yet to really check anything out.


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            I have a friend who lives in Brentwood, she loves it. Her sister lives down here in Florida and visits often. Let me know when you get moved and I will share your name with them:-)


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              thank you gracyrose I will definitely let you know when we get there!