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  • g'day everyone

    I was a dog groomer for six years before i had my son, now as a single parent i need a job that can fit around school so i am currently trying to start a mobile dog spa/salon. I would love as much feedback as i can get as i am sure a lot has changed since i was behind the clippers.

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    Hello! I am a stay at home mom during the day and do mobile at night and on weekends, so it is definitely great when you need a flexible schedule. there are a lot of great products that have hit the market in the past few years, new techniques, like wet shaving, that I've only learned about in the last few years. New styles of clippers, shears, etc. Do you have any trade shows coming close to you soon? They are a great place to play catch up! Best of luck on your mobile. I started mine almost 2 years ago and it just took off like a shot! I now have an employee to work the daytime so I can accomodate more people. Happy to help answer any questions I can!
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