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  • Hello From Medina Ohio

    Hi! I have been interested for some time in going to Dog Grooming school. I will be interviewing two schools this week. Could I get some feedback on the pros and cons of this industry before going any further. Thanks Tons. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi there...I'm new too. I just joined this community a week or so ago....I'm taking online classes through JKL Grooming Academy. I wish I could take classes in person, but I just can't because I have to keep my current job which is full time M-F. The two schools nearby hold classes during the day, so I just can't go. BUMMER!!! I do really like JKL though and the only drawback to doing this online is that I have to find my own dogs to groom...and those dogs usually belong to family and friends. (talk about pressure)!!! I did two dogs last week and it took me 9 hours!!!! Today I did one dog and it took me 4 hours!! Not having someone with me to instruct me is a bit trying...and I basically have to keep referring to notes and books to see what I must do. It's a slow process. I take before and after pictures...and I'll submit them for review. So far....I'm really learning a lot and the dogs I did came out pretty darn cute...if I may say so myself. 'Good thing I'm not trying to make money at it though...or else I'd be starving!! Anyway, I wanted to encourage you....and to tell you that you should follow your dreams...and listen to your gut...regarding which school to attend.


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      Welcome to the board. Good luck choosing the school that's right for you.
      "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss


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        Welcome aboard! I highly suggest letting us know what area you're in if you take online courses, there are many members here that will help you depending on where you're located!
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          Welcome aboard. Pros, you get to meet lots of people, some nice and some crazy, meet lots of dogs, some super sweet, some that want to eat you for lunch and some that think you are going to kill them so they must pee, poop and shoot anal glands on you. I guess that is some cons too. Seriously, it is very rewarding. Most of the time you kind of set your own hours, can kind of be your own boss (when you are actually grooming full time). It is very stressful and not easy work. Big dogs take a toll on your body, hairy matted ones take a toll on your hands, wrists, arms and back. You should be a miracle worker most of the time. I however would not be happy doing anything else. Good luck finding a school. I learned from a long time groomer.