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  • Hello another newbie

    Hi all, I am a complete and utter newbie to this chat room thing. (Note to self - Welcome to the new millenium!) I hope I can master this medium, I have enjoyed reading and learning from your posts. I am a mobile groomer on Vancouver Island. Love the job, the dogs and their human companions that go with them. Getting a bit old to do the big dogs but do everything else, plus cats and the occasional bunny rabbit or guinea pig.
    Good to meet you all. Hey, how do you get a picture of your dog on the posts like many of you do?

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    Hi there amiga! Cute name by the way. Welcome to the board. Make yourself at home and feel free to post often. See ya around!


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      Hello Amiga

      Your a newbie like me! Im hopin to get all this forum, chat, etc...all together also! Dont know how to get pic on your thread, post....oh whatever, when you find out let me know! Welcome hope to talk to you soon am going to be mobile real soon!


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        hi and welcome

        As for pictures(avatar of own dog etc) I used regular photos and had them out on a disk. Kin kos does it and also walgreens.I put the disk in the slot on the side of my laptop. They must be shrunk to 640x480. Go to I actually got it. I have only owned a computer since Jan/07. I am no genius. You can do it. You have to remember file name. A bit tricky. Under the user Cp are lists. Like avatar is easiest to do. Be persistant. If I don't change it often I forget the steps. I just keep trying til it worked. Most use a digital camera...I don't have one. Probably easier.Someone else can direct you on that. Good luck. Hope to see pics from ya soon.Oh, manage attachments under replys. Try it out.Don't forget to submit at the end.I will try here for you and see what happens. I don't want to change avatar.Other dog pic is from profile.


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          Welcome Amiga, we groom the occasional guinea pig, bunny and even a chicken (lol, no kidding).


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            Welcome to both of you. This place it great! Verrrry helpful!!! I don't always chime in but its fun to sit on the side lines and read.


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              Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones