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    Hello everyone! I'm new to this obviously lol. I work in a shop for a big business and want to start my own mobile grooming salon. Any advice, suggestions, constructive criticism, and opinions will be welcome with me. Hoping to make some friends and mentors =)

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    What do you want advice on? There are so many opinions and advices here you will never be without one.

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      Welcome. Where in Ca are you?


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        Placer county

        I need advice on anything and everything. Looking back on when you started, if you could have told yourself 3 things you know now and didn't know then, that's what I want to know. No matter how big or small everything helps.
        I don't have any start up funding so I'm writing up a business plan, conducting a survey to determine wants and needs of customers in the area, and getting all the licensing and legal stuff taken care of, then I'm submitting it to the SBA for a loan. I want to know stuff about mobile grooming that I cant find from a search engine.
        I've only worked in one shop and I only have a few years under my belt, but I absolutely love what I do, I'm a good groomer, and I'm always willing to learn more. I want to be doing this when I'm old(I'll stop when I'm senile of course lol).
        I have a few request clients that I do outside of work and they always refer me to new people, but I work full-time and I can only fit a couple private clients in a month. They don't want to go to a shop, they want me to come to them, and they are willing to pay higher prices for mobile. One of my clients told me she'd buy my equipment! Can you believe that!? I didn't except her offer though, that's just too much, I couldn't do it.


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          there will be lots of opinions on any subject here. Make sure you use the search button on the top here. You can put in any topic and find lots already covered. I'll wait to see where in CA you are. I'm in the hills above the San Fernando Valley.
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