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  • Hello from Florida

    Hi, I'm new to this community as well as an aspiring professional groomer. I have been a dog lover my entire life and can't imagine not having them around. I also have a pet sitting business that I've been doing part time for the past two years. I have a few loyal clients that leave their dogs with me when they go on vacation. I have wanted to persue this full time, but it's difficult to do when you have a full time job that you need to keep in order to pay the bills. I've also wanted to get into grooming, but wasn't sure how I'd go to school with having to work. There are two really good schools here in my area, but the classes are during the day M-F. I just can't do that right now. So, I investigated different online schools and this board has been most helpful in helping me to make my decision. I chose one that I won't name. I got the "kit" in the mail, and it was all that it claimed to be...and I have no complaints, other than the fact that it's not an accredited school...and I can't do the tests, etc. online. I ended up choosing JKL and I've been with this program now for the past two weeks. I totally love it...and I'm learning so much. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this program and or is in it now. I'd love to hear your experiences. Also..I groomed my very first practice dogs yesterday. The first was a toy poodle (10 years old) in very bad shap (matting, dirty, smelly). She could not have been a more perfect practice dog for me. She was so sweet and laid back. She let me do anything to her. She even fell asleep on my table. LOL. She looked really cute when I was done with her. The other was a male pomeranian (also very sweet) and he also let me do anything to him. My only problem was that my friends told me to cut him short. All the training/reading I'm doing...there are no suggestions on how to cut a pomeranian short. Any tips? I just cut him down with a 5F...but not too close. He looked okay, but I hated cutting away his beautiful fur. My friend said he looked good...and that they've cut him that short before. any suggestions? Should I have used another size blade?? Remember...I'm a total newbie. I told my friends in advance to not expect much...and they were both really supportive and told me to do whatever I wanted to their dogs. I'm still pretty hard on myself..even though I know it's going to take years of practice until I get really good at it. Advice please...

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    Welcome aboard. You'll have a great time here. It's hard to say what kind of blade you should use. The coat type and condition are the most important factors. Owners sometimes want longer, yet coat condition may prevent that. Sounds like the owners were fine with it. Best thing is to try to find a groomer that would give you some pointers. Maybe in exchange for helping out at the shop? Good luck.


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      Welcome to the board. I'm glad you've been able to find a school that's working for you.
      You'll find lots of good info and help from the members here, so feel free to ask.

      Congratulations on your first two grooms. Glad they were good to work with.

      As for the Pom, if your friend was happy, then that's the blade to use. Next time, ask if they would like him to look the same as the last groom or if they would like him longer or shorter to get the exact look they like. The customer should get what the customer wants. My personal preference is to use a clip-on-comb (Wahl 1/2" Orange/Tan or 5/8" Yellow). I find it blends nicely with the legs and head. Before using a clip on comb, the coat must be free of knots/matting. I use thinning shears to blend the clipped length to the length on the legs and head. Use the thinning shears on the fur sticking out between the toes as well and give the dog a nice tidy foot. I will use a #40 to remove the hair between the pads.
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        You are on the right track

        Sounds good so far. Yes, I hate shaving off beautiful coat, too, but so many owners want EASY, lol.

        Where are you in Florida - near Tampa? If so, I may be able to help you sometimes.


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          Welcome. Good luck with grooming! I'm in FL too on the south east coast.