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    I too am from Iowa, for those of you from Iowa I am between Iowa city and Davenport. I have groomed for 10 years at the vet clinic where I work as a tech. I decided to make a change in my life and bought a building that we spent 2 months transforming in to a grooming shop. Had the state inspector in on Mon and got the ok so I just started grooming in it this week. I love working with my Dr but feel the clinic has just out grown me, I want to have the personal connection back. I have been reading these post and am soaking up all the years of knowledge you all have. And hope to make some new friends that will know the ins and outs of what my days to come will be like. I have a house full of misfits,a one eyed bulldogge,3 legged cat, a munchkin cat, a rescue from the flood cat,a kitten that was found in the city dump that was 2 days old,(who will be my shop kitty)a feist pup from a kill shelter that was closing. I also do tons of fostering(picked up a crested baby with a bum leg last night) but my heart belongs to my Chinese crested. So I am pretty much crazy, and haven't learned to say no yet. I also have two two legged animals and two step two legged animals aka children.

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    Hi Hairless and welcome. You sound like you were destined for this business, what a tremendous collection of kiddos you have. (sounds like a new reality show in the making!)
    I bet the vet will be missing you.

    I lived in Iowa for a short time many yrs. ago. It is a lovely area with very nice people,( I was so sad when those floods hit.) Best of luck with the new shop!



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      Welcome!! I seen Davenport and thought,wow,someone close,at last!! I am in Moline,Il.
      Sounds like you have your hands full and then some!! this is a great place to learn,and chat with others who do the same as you,and everyone is great about offering advice and tips!!